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Rembrandt van Rijn, A Man seated reading at a Table in a Lofty Room, 1628-30,  (via laclefdescoeurs)

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Colors of the Atacama Desert (Salta, Argentina) by Stéphane San Quirce.

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When I walked outside the building on Central Park West, I looked across at the trees that had burst into full leaf and had a sensation of ineffable strangeness. Being alive is inexplicable, I thought. Consciousness itself is inexplicable. There is nothing ordinary in the world.

What I loved, Siri Hustvedt

I still think the revolution is to make the world safe for poetry, meandering, for the frail and vulnerable, the rare and obscure, the impractical and local and small…

Rebecca Solnit, in an interview with Benjamin Cohen (via weissewiese)

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When I first began to read Virginia Woolf’s novels, I felt she wrote like a sculptor. She was able with words to build forms, strip away surfaces, shed representation in a way different from abstraction. […] Her articulation of the mental landscape when the brain turns within is the peak of her genius and her courage. Sometimes chrysalis, some- times only to “wish for death” (Virginia’s diary), she articulates the extremes. No writer gave more of her life force to the exploration of the world beyond the surfaces.

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